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Do it for yourself not by yourself
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Health THEN Wellness

Do It For Yourself Not By Yourself
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Reclaim Your Health

Health coaching to create permanent lasting change in your body and daily habits to reclaim your health and vitality in 90 days. 

Health is Wealth Be Volitionary


Navigating Change

Our wellness coaches partner with you to develop sustainable strategies to bring overall wellness, health, and well-being into your life.

Be Volitionary Life Coaching


Personal Coaching

Repurpose your views and outlook on life situations with new and refreshing strategies to find satisfaction and fulfillment in your pursuits.

Lead Inspire Transform Career Coaching Be Volitionary


Lead. Inspire. Transform

Develop strategies and opportunities that foster growth and opportunity where you learn to lead, inspire and transform your life and career.

Be Volitionary Volitionaries Business Coaching


Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Breathe life into your intentions, transforming them into concrete goals with the transformational tools and the motivation you need to turn those goals into reality.

Do it for yourself not by yourself

Health THEN Wellness Coaching

Volitionary Coaching

Health then wellness coaching focuses on every aspect of a person's life using an integrative approach that focuses on the mind, body, and the will to change. Diet, health, lifestyle, relationships, career, financial security, and home life are interconnected. Let us help you create a sense of balance in your life to reach your highest level of success, inner peace, health, and happiness.

Execute & Progress Plan

Your personalized execution plan is your blueprint to success and used with a progress roadmap to track goals and make necessary corrections along the way. Coaching sessions or private portal communications ensure you are still on track to achieve your desired results. All execution plans are tailored to your specific needs using effective techniques designed for your success.

Feedback & Support

One of the significant advantages of using a coach is that it creates a safe and neutral environment for open discussion and feedback. Unbiased, honest, and professional input and support can help you make phenomenal shifts in your thinking and results. We are here to offer unwavering encouragement and high-level support to get you to your finish line and beyond.

I have a small business that hit a plateau. It seemed like I was always struggling. Victoria came in and within a very short time, she helped me not only turn things around but to see other areas of expansion we hadn’t even noticed before. She rocks! 

Brandon L

Thank you for checking in on me Laureen!!!! I hope you are well. I am doing well and hoping for an opportunity to schedule with you soon! One meeting with you has had such a HUGE impact on my life and how I see things and myself! I appreciate you and your time and I will reach out soon for an appointment time! Thank you for taking time to check in on me!

Meet Your Coaching Team

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Wendy Harmon, Ph.D., MCWC




Laureen Kautt, BCC

Laureen Kautt, BCC


Victoria Long

Victoria Long MT, CPA, CFP

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