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Be Volitionary! The art of rebranding change and empowering people to amplify their vision, presence, and purpose. 

Do your memories serve you?

Do your memories serve you?

Memories are not set in stone Memory is not set in stone. The more you remember something, especially if it's emotionally charged, the more you will reinforce the neural pathways. Another way to say it is, the more you think about something, the more you feel it, the...

Looking forward to changing in 2021?

Looking forward to changing in 2021?

We are heading into the end of 2020, and this year is fostering so many different pandemic? Some have gained the Covid 20 or greater. How do you relate? Many of my friends have increased wine consumption over the last few months......two friends sold everything and...

A Pending Tax Nightmare

A Pending Tax Nightmare

Tax Nightmare There is a potentially alarming tax scenario shaping up from our blue wave in Washington D.C. last week. For such an incredibly important issue at stake, I’m shocked there isn’t a major effort to make known what can be the greatest wealth tax of all time...

Our Diet Crisis: Why is Diet a 4-letter Word?

Our Diet Crisis: Why is Diet a 4-letter Word?

Why is Diet a 4-letter Word? Reversing Our Diet Crisis We often refer to many "bad" words as 4-letter words...I won't name them here. However, the term "diet," literally a 4-letter word, carries the same negative connotation. Why, when the definition of diet by...

3 Key Steps For Finding Your Ideal Audience

3 Key Steps For Finding Your Ideal Audience

Lift the Curtain: Who is your business's ideal audience? There is a common theme between those looking to initiate a business and those wanting to up-level their public speaking skills.  That is understanding your target audience, or as some coin it, the ideal...

Suffering from WFH Burnout?

Suffering from WFH Burnout?

WFH Burnout Don't worry. You are not alone. Clients are bringing this up regularly, and the answer is creativity with space, how we spend our time, and how we allocate our WFH ventures. A Harvard Study recently shared that "drawing lines between our professional and...

Home Office Tax Deductions: Do You Qualify?

Home Office Tax Deductions: Do You Qualify?

Home Office Tax Deductions The home office deduction allows qualifying taxpayers to deduct certain home expenses on their tax returns. With more people working from home than ever before, some of you may be wondering if you can claim a home office deduction when you...

From Our Coaches

Holistic coaching practice that rebrands change

You can have results or excuses but not both! Success is liking who you are, what you do, and how you do it. If you are not living a life you love our coaches and holistic coaching practice can be the catalyst that helps you achieve unstoppable success in all areas of your life; wellness, health, relationships, career, business, and financial. We strive to inspire others to do the things that inspire them so that together we can change lives. Please let us know how we can help you succeed. 

Holistic Coaching

Business Resources

Your Business Journey

Itching to start your own business and wondering where to start? Let our experts guide you through a personalized framework that creates your legal, financial, and online presence. 

Career Coaching Career Strategies

Your Career Journey

Our career coaches become trusted advisors at any stage within your career. Our consultative approach reviews your job seeking tool kit and provides strategic direction on optimizing your career.  


Your Life Journey

Let our certified Life Mastery Consultant and Board Certified Coach™ share the power of personal coaching to provide you with the most critical ingredient for extraordinary success. 



Your Wellness Journey

Explore holistic ways to improve your health and wellness with our Coach's passion for living life with volition and wellness; financial and career, physical and health, and family and home.

Be Volitionary

Holistic Coaching: Our Story 

We are personal change agents encouraging people to embrace change and repurpose it for their personal success.  Laid off? Furloughed? Need a career change? Forced to participate in Virtual Learning? Encountered Life's crossroads? Looking to start a business? Looking to improve your health and wellness? Holistic coaching touches all areas of life.
When asked what makes us experts, we answer "we have all encountered situations where each one of us took the absolute worst experience and repurposed it into a massive success."
Our volitionary experiences created Volitionaries, a holistic coaching practice that serves four main pillars using strategies developed from over 30 years of experience. Our holistic coaching strategies are helping executives, new college grads, housewives, military transitions, high school students, business owners, and beyond.  Individually we serve hundreds of clients around the globe and together we offer one team our clients can trust and seek help with different aspects of their personal journey.
Laureen Kautt, BCC

Laureen Kautt, BCC

Laureen Kautt, BCC™ with additional Career Coach designation, is a global talent acquisition executive, published author, and thought leader in the field of recruitment and personal branding and corporate talent acquisition. Her articles are published found in Recruiter and Thrive Global. Laureen is the founder and principal coach of Volitionary Movement, LLC, where she is engaged for individual, group, and corporate coaching and consulting and certified in strategic intervention coaching methods and strategies from the Robbins-Madanes Training in Strategic Intervention Coaching.

Victoria Long

Victoria Long MT, CPA, CFP

Victoria Long is a Life Mastery Consultant, with years of experience as a college professor, hands-on experience in running and operating multi-million dollar businesses, and a deep, spiritually holistic understanding of life. It is this unique and winning combination that has helped Victoria steer each and every one of her countless clients to align themselves from the inside out, clarify their soul purpose, and create a life of their dreams. University educated with a degree in Accounting as well as a Masters in Taxation credentialed as both a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner.

Be Volitionary Coaching Wendy Harmon PhD Master Certified Wellness Coach Picture

Wendy Harmon, Ph.D., MCWC

Wendy Harmon is a Veteran of the United States Air Force, has her Ph.D. in education with a specialization in instructional design for online learning, and a Master Certified Wellness Coach (MCWC). Wendy is an experienced information technology executive with decades of work in adult education, corporate training, and adjunct faculty experience. She also a breast cancer survivor with a lifelong passion for health and wellness. Wendy helps our clients achieve their goals with wellness coaching, blogging about her cancer journey, and living WILDFIT®


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