Before and during your metastatic breast cancer journey

I have one critical piece of advice that served me well after learning I had metastatic breast cancer: STOP reading blogs. Yes, I know, very ironic advice from a cancer survivor and wellness coach communicating via her own blog. =)

But seriously, there are far more negative experiences about chemotherapy, radiation, and breast cancer than positive ones. It is not healthy to obsess over finding information that has the power to negatively impact your own journey. Healing With Volition™ is about controlling your journey and making that journey as positive and effective as possible.

Here is the deal, after learning about my cancer diagnosis and imminent chemotherapy and radiation following a double mastectomy, I was a google search lunatic just trying to get an idea of what to expect. From this research, 99% of the blogs and comments I found were all about how chemo and radiation were the worst experiences of the patients’ lives. There was nothing, and I mean nothing positive or helpful in reading these blogs.

I was fortunate to have a business colleague with a friend who recently went through the same cancer journey so I called her, asked questions, and listened. Come to find out, your own personal journey through chemo and radiation is 100% controlled by you. Yes, there are things you can’t control like the procedure and some of the side effects but you can absolutely control how you deal with them and whether or not you let those negative experiences influence your own. The option to talk to someone about their positive experience is one of the reasons I became a Master Certified Wellness Coach. 

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Be Volitionary Healing with Volition Your Future Depends On What You Do Today
Cancer: Power of Volition

Healing with Volition

I was so tired of reading about experiences by other patients who chose to look at the experience with glass is NOT a half-full approach. Honestly, many of the blogs and experiences I read pretty much had me convinced some of those cancer patients would complain about winning millions of dollars in the lottery. Why would they complain? These people would complain because they had to share the amount with another lottery winner. In short, they would just not be happy about anything. Stop reading blogs!

Why would you want to start your breast cancer journey with all these negative doom and gloom scenarios and experiences in your mind? The answer is you don’t so stop googling “effects of chemo”, “what do breast cancer patients experience during chemo”, and “how bad is chemo” and reading the blogs that show in search results. Every journey is different and with your own volition, you can embrace and conquer your breast cancer or let breast cancer conquer you. I chose to conquer my cancer and want to share what I learned to help you and others you know conquer their cancer with a minimal negative impact on their mental and physical health as possible.

Let me just add that I went through a double mastectomy direct to implants (which I then had removed because the series of the product I had was identified as known to cause a rare form of Lymphatic cancer). Hello! Yes, the implants I had inserted to replace my own breasts due to cancer were one product type away from its close relative confirmed to cause cancer. If you want to talk irony…I am happy to do so. This was an unbelievable revelation that I address in a separate blog post.

In short – stop reading the blogs that come up in your Google searches that do not promote healing with positive thoughts. Ignore the bad and control your journey’s narrative prepare for YOUR  cancer journey.

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