My Biggest Health Secret for Sustainable Life-Long Results

Many people claim they have ‘the secret’ to weight loss, proper health, and living a long and happy life. Out of all the diets and food methodologies I’ve tried (and I’ve tried A LOT of them!), only one thing has created permanent change in my body and daily habits. My biggest health secret is called WILDFIT.

By the end of the WILDFIT 90-day program, I broke my sugar addiction and released over 15 pounds! The best part is three years later, I am still living WILDFIT, have no cravings for sugar, and never gained the weight back from my original challenge! Read on to learn why WILDFIT is the last diet you will ever need.

WILDFIT taught me how to eat the ideal human diet (this methodology is based on decades of nutritional anthropology, evolutionary and functional medicine). Still, as valuable as that information is, it’s not my favorite part. The most impactful thing about WILDFIT is that it taught me the behavioral psychology principles necessary to change my eating habits. Plus, with WILDFIT, you’re never hungry, and there’s also no exercise component. 

Purposefully, living WILDFIT helped me get through cancer, chemo, and radiation by understanding the human diet and what the body needs to heal and stay cancer-free. This is why I am so excited to share this information with you and others.


Four times a year, I lead a small WILDFIT group through the 90-day challenge. Because they are small and intimate groups, I spend time with each person weekly; talk about accountability! If you are ready to focus on your body, health, and quality of life, I’d love to tell you more about the WILDFIT Privilege program so you can decide if it’s a fit for you. Did I mention that we offer a 100% money back guarantee?

If you want to start right away, then we have the WILDFIT Premium program, where you can start any Monday of the year and receive 1:1 coaching every month to check in on your progress and discuss strategies for your success.

For an ultra-exclusive and personalized experience, you can join our WILDFIT private program and work 1:1 with me throughout the program using a personal portal for communication and monthly coaching six months after the program.

Please use this link to schedule a 20-minute call. No strings attached. No expectations. It’s just a conversation. I’m looking forward to talking with you about changing your body, changing the way you eat, and changing your health and vitality, once and for all.

In good health,

Wendy Harmon, PhD, MCWC
Volitionaries Wellness Coach
Independent WILDFIT Certified Coach
(480) 630-5783

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