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A Professional Coach develops strategies and opportunities that foster growth and opportunity where clients learn to lead, inspire, and transform their lives and careers.

From Laureen

The Power Of Career Coaching

Our certified coaches partner with corporate clients to boost employee engagement and help leaders and teams in the talent acquisition space grow into their potential, manage change, transition faster, develop balance, and achieve measurable success against established key performance indicators.
In addition to individual coaching, our certified coaches offer recruitment team coaching, leadership development, training, and meeting facilitation.
We teach job seekers how to brand themselves through LinkedIn, Cover Letters, Interviews, Networking, Job Strategies, Resumes, and Career Road Mapping through individual and group sessions.
Our coaching plans accommodate all job seekers looking to understand their current state as well as catapult future state success through building an individualized career road map.  These plans range from monthly to annual. Learn how having a career coach provides value over working with an internal human resources department. 
Volitionaries is more than just a resume and career coaching organization.  We approach the person holistically. Due to the virtuality of things that 2020 brings, we have an agile approach to your career that will survive any market.
Our Life After Layoff Program helps displaced and furloughed workers find a path to recovery quickly.



Rebranding Change

A Professional Coach develops strategies and opportunities that foster growth and opportunity where clients learn to lead, inspire, and transform their lives and careers.

Resume Review & Refresh

The standard resume review service provides a top to bottom review of your existing resume. 

Interview Coaching

Learn how to interview from the perspective of a veteran agency recruiter and Corporate Talent Acquisition Leader.

Linkedin Profile Branding & Strategy

Your Profile is your business card. How are you presenting?  Work one-one to develop a personal brand on LI that attracts. 

Performance Review & Public Speaking

Create and deliver content that is engaging and comfortable for both the client and the audience. Performance Reviews require a strategic approach. Find out how to approach them with success and the outcomes you desire.


Business Coach

Dedicated executive coach, from Kansas City’s top talent. 

Do it for yourself not by yourself

Health THEN Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Health then wellness coaching focuses on improving your health to increase your wellness in every aspect of your life. Diet, health, lifestyle, relationships, career, financial security, and home life are interconnected. Let us help you achieve your health goals to live your best life.

Execute & Progress Plan

Your personalized execution plan is your blueprint to success and used with a progress roadmap to track goals and make necessary corrections along the way. Coaching sessions or private portal communications ensure you are still on track to achieve your desired results. All execution plans are tailored to your specific needs using effective techniques designed for your success.

Feedback & Support

One of the significant advantages of using a coach is that it creates a safe and neutral environment for open discussion and feedback. Unbiased, honest, and professional input and support can help you make phenomenal shifts in your thinking and results. We are here to offer unwavering encouragement and high-level support to get you to your finish line and beyond.

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