We are heading into mid 2021, and this year is fostering so many different pandemic? Some have gained the Covid 20 or greater. How do you relate? Many of my friends have increased wine consumption over the last few months……two friends sold everything and decided to live the RV life. 50-90+-year-olds are making TikToks. TikTok is creating a new take on marketing and if you don’t believe me, check out Ocean Spray’s latest campaign. 

 From the moment we entered school, our teachers told us how to act, what to do, and how to do it. To move another way would foster discipline and disappointment. To embrace change requires creativity. It is the ability to look at a situation from all sides, including top and bottom. It means being able to say, let’s do it. Sometimes it is done to you; a layoff, furlough, position elimination, whatever. Regardless, embracing change, whether by choice or not, elicits your creative facets to look at what is possible. A possibility is everything.

Anything is possible. But, you have to move toward it with direction and purpose; possibility leads toward action. Action is required to obtain results. Just as it was possible to move toward bad habits such as day drinking and watching trash on television during the quarantine periods of 2020, the same amount of discipline and habit is required to start a new career search or a new business. What possibilities are you choosing?

So possibility + choice + action = change? When we unpack the change formula, we can see that change is an equation with particular elements. We empower these possibilities through our choices. We have power over our choices. Once we choose, we act. It is through this action that change occurs. Change is a product of our possibilities. 

Anything is possible through proper action that is on point and purpose. 

Next time you face a disturbing event in your life, take a pause and ask yourself, How are you going to choose to embrace it? What are your possibilities? What actions can you take to make this situation more optimum? What are the things that you can do?

Do you want help navigating change, starting a business, finding a new career, or losing your Covid 20? Volitioanries is a holistic coaching practice helping people navigate change and we would be honored to work with you. Contact us!

Change is happening all around us. Yet, change is one of the greatest elements of fear that humans hold. Why? We are raised to believe that change is bad.


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