Frustrated with trying to create your own resume?

Can’t spend hundreds of dollars for a resume writer?

Need a resume right now?


Resume Detox is a two-hour workshop to help you create your resume and increase your response rate from recruiters Build your resume FOR yourself not BY yourself

Here Is What You Will Learn With Resume Detox


  • Learn how to approach your job search more effectively in 2020
  • Understand your Why so you can plan for what is next
  • Lift the veil of recruitment and know your audience
  • Detox your resume from top to bottom using effective strategies from 30 + years of experience in successful resume writing


What’s Inside

Resume Detox Resume Key Word Reference guide

Key Word Reference Guide

Resume Detox Sample Resume Format

Sample Resume Formats

Resume Detox Training Videos

Training Videos

Build Your Own Resume Today!

Questions? We are here to help


How to approach your job search in 2020 

“Recruiter myths debunked” – Know your audience

Resume Creation

Bonus Video

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