Finding certainty can be easier than you think! Unless you have zero access to people or social media, uncertainty has crept into the normal in the world. That sounds strange though? How can uncertainty be normal? In essence, it is one of our six foundational human needs common to everyone: certainty, uncertainty/variety, significance, growth, love/connection, and contribution. If we require some level of variety/uncertainty in our lives, then why is it so hard to navigate today’s Covid-19 landscape?

Today uncertain times have brought about uncertainty in many aspects of life, personal, work, business, etc. We are used to leaning in on the adventure, but when things become uncertain, we fall into a place of coping, flight, or we ignore, saying we will wait for it to be over.  The problem with the current global situation is that this pandemic is changing what we would deem as certain as we press forward into the future. Now is a time of acceptance and agility in all aspects of our lives.  How do we become more agile?

We start to accept that we are in a place of refinement that eliminates many of the comfortable ways we moved before.  We are being called to transform our thinking and to look forward in a spirit of how we can reshape our process and evolve to become more pliable. For example, working from home is the new normal. If you haven’t already used this time to get your space set up to make it yours! Make sure you have all the things you will need to be productive, webcam, microphone, internet service, etc. How companies handle this pandemic and their efforts in return to work strategies will be important to the certainty and uncertainty of associates. How people embrace the possibilities of a new career will also be important to overall success.

If we require some level of variety/uncertainty in our lives, then why is it so hard to navigate today’s Covid-19 landscape?

Our time is important. How are you choosing to spend your time?  I get up at 5:00 am every day (even the weekends). My day starts with 20 minutes of moving. Then I move into 20 minutes of gratitude which includes journalling and messaging people in my network. The final 20 minutes of my morning ritual is preparation time.  With a full family, corporate career, and personal business there is a lot of preparation needed for the day and the week. Make sure that you are managing your time and your time is not managing you.  Set your boundaries so that you can feel successful with your day and all that you accomplish.

Refresh your space. I am serious.  Deep cleaning and rearranging, while purging stuff is liberating! When you take the day to clean and refresh your space it is soothing because you are doing it. You gain immediate results.  Satisfying!

Finding Certainty

Being agile means you release the preconceived notions that you have to deliver in a certain way.  If you are in sales, you know what I mean.  The art of connection has been under development for some time.  It is now a necessity to transform your connection messaging and how you develop connections. Recruiters need to be sensitive to the job seeker when opening may not be as prevalent as before. We also need to remember to offer up grace for ourselves and each other. Our career, life, and wellness coaches are available to help

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