Sugar Is Making Us Fat And Our Food Industry Knows It!

Yes, Sugar is making us fat! Sugar is a popular ingredient added to our food by our food industry and one of the most harmful foods, in my opinion, to our health. So why does the food industry do it and more importantly why do we let them and how can we avoid it?

I’ll confess…when I was growing up I was told that eating fat makes you fat so I spent decades on “low-fat” diets. Now I know it is not the fat that makes you fat but the added sugars our food industry puts in our food!  

Added sugars are introduced to our food as part of the process our food industry uses to make foods that are convenient, appetizing, and leave you nutritionally hungry for more! Have you ever eaten processed food until your stomach was “full” but then find yourself hungry a short time after the meal? This particular event is oftentimes referred to as hedonic hunger or a strong desire for food in the absence of any need for it. In other words, our stomach is full, but our brain is still hungry.

The main reason for this disconnect with hedonic hunger is a lack of nutrition. You see, when we feed our bodies processed foods full of added sugar we are depriving our bodies of nutrients it needs to be nutritionally satisfied. Due to the lack of nutrients, our bodies tell us we are still hungry in hope that we satisfy that hunger with nutritious food void of added sugars.

This last point is why I am convinced that our food industry adds sugar even though the added sugar is making us fat! The food industry knows that eating processed foods with added sugar makes us hungry for more food so we buy more of their processed food. This vicious cycle only benefits the food industry…they add more sugar so we buy more food. Rinse and repeat. This shameful idea is the reason the food industry is intentionally making us fat; they only want to make more money!

How then can we break this cycle?

I often dream about a world where it is cheaper to buy non-processed, non-GMO foods instead of processed foods with added sugars. Thankfully, the solution to breaking the cycle is simple: stop buying processed foods with added sugar! If we stop buying their processed foods with added sugar we will reduce our hunger by giving our bodies the nutrition it needs to be healthy. When we are nutritionally healthy we can fight disease and prevent diseases related to obesity like diabetes and certain cardiovascular health issues.

Not convinced and ready for a challenge? Open your pantry and refrigerator and look at the labels where you will find one or more of the 60 different types of “added sugar”. Count how many products have added sugar versus the number of products without added sugar. I would guess that unless you deliberately shop for condiments with no added sugar or do not purchase processed foods and snacks without added sugar, you will find it very difficult to spot a product with no added sugar.

Looking for support or help with breaking the sugar cycle? Contact our Certified WILDFIT Coach or check out WILDFIT and start your journey to better health.

In good health,

Volitionary Coaching Team

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