Healing with Volition: Control Your Cancer Narrative

One of the known side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. While some hair loss is pretty positive (legs, armpits, mustache, and those pesky chin hairs), losing the hair on our head, eyebrows and eyelashes are not as great.

When I was getting ready to start chemotherapy, there was research about something called a cooling cap. It is FDA approved, but the literature seems to lean on the side that it can help reduce but not prevent hair loss.

With that in mind, I decided to control the hair loss narrative and had a head-shaving party with a few local and remote friends. Hey – if I would lose my hair anyway, why wait for the chemotherapy to control when it would just fall out in clumps week over week. You can control a few things after being diagnosed with cancer, so my advice is to empower yourself and do the deed before you start chemotherapy!

When I say party, I mean it was a party! My local friends, including the one who shaved my head with borrowed clippers, came over with a bottle of wine, and my remote friends joined in using Houseparty. We drank, laughed, and shaved my head. It was absolutely liberating to know I was in control.

Bald and Beautiful! Now What? 

Healing with volition bald and beautiful

One of the other things you can control is what you put on your head (if anything) after you shave it. A bald head was fine but a little boring. So, I went for a few different wig styles to change my look and bought head covers to match outfits and even holidays. The wigs combined with the extra head covers created a whole new design and fashion option, and I loved every minute of it. A reliable resource for both and the most comfortable head covers ever; you can check out Headcovers Unlimited and Wigs ‘N More for an outstanding wig selection, price, and accommodating staff.


Healing with Volition™

While we are on the topic of controlling your journey and empowerment, allow me to suggest that when you no longer need your head covers, donate them or throw them away! Avoid keeping them around “just in case” or because you “spent so much money on them.” Donating your headcovers will not only pay it forward for others to use them if they can’t afford to purchase their own, but it also tells your higher self that you no longer need the covers; meaning, you are cancer-free and planning on staying that way!

If you purchased wigs keep the ones you liked the best and use them now and then. Just last month, I threw on my long wig and went out…just because I could. The whole process stirred up some great memories of dressing up with my mom’s accessories, shoes, and jewelry for fun when I was a little girl.

Again, if you can’t control cancer, control the narrative! Healing with volition empowers you to make decisions that make you the leader of your journey instead of a participant.

Looking for support or help with your cancer journey? Contact our Certified Wellness Coach and start healing with volition.

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