Healing With Volition™: The “Why” Behind The Mission

Having lived my adult life with a passion for health and wellness, I could not believe the words I just heard over the phone from my doctor… “you have cancer.” When I first learned that my biopsy returned a metastatic cancer diagnosis, I was at an airport in Texas, heading home to Arizona.

Just like we all remember where we were when we heard about the plane crashing into the World Trade Center or where we were when the space shuttle blew up in 1986, I remember exactly where I was when I learned that I had cancer. Following the call, I also remembered the events very vividly after that life-changing moment. I still include the gentleman in 5E in my prayers. Read about 5E here.  

Cancer, how is that even possible! The test results had to be wrong. I lived a healthy life, becoming a personal trainer in my early 20s to put myself through college. Nonsmoker, always exercising, a lite drinker; something wasn’t right. When genetic testing turned up negative as a cause for my cancer, I was lost and walking around in total disbelief while searching for an explanation. 

The usual response a cancer patients get is, “it’s cancer, there is no reliable explanation aside from genetics why some people get it, and some people don’t,” That answer was just not right for me. 

Still wondering why I got cancer, a higher purpose unfolded when I started reviewing some of the WILDFIT 90 principles. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning; one of the WILDIFT principles is that it is far more critical to get enough of the good stuff than eliminate all the bad stuff.

Now you might be asking yourself, “what is the bad stuff” The answer is straightforward. The bad stuff is the sugar (and the 60+ other names for sugar) our food industry purposely adds to our food to make us want to eat more food! Yes, our food industry is intentionally making us overweight and unhealthy to add profit to their bottom line. This behavior is what I refer to as our global diet crisis. 

To add insult to injury, our food industry also spends billions of dollars every year to convince us their food with all the added sugar is good and healthy. With no disrespect to my loving parents who fell for their marketing campaigns, and some whining from me to buy their products, I ended up eating a lot of that crap for the first 20 years of my life. Is this related to my cancer diagnosis? Without a genetic or hereditary reason, I think the answer is “yes.” 

For two decades, I ate the foods that contribute to one of our major health issues today; diabetes and obesity. In my 30s and 40s, I never weighed more than 20lbs above my “ideal weight.” Unfortunately, the number on the scale cannot tell the true story of what happens in our bodies at a cellular level from “nonfood” ingredients. 

One of my favorite examples from our food industry is Heinz Ketchup. They list high fructose corn syrup in their normal ketchup, which is worse than sugar as the 3rd ingredient and corn syrup as their 4th ingredient. In their Organic Heinz ketchup, they add organic cane sugar to make it a healthy alternative. Heinz Simply Ketchup uses plain old cane sugar. 

My favorite and most ridiculous marketing scheme around Heinz Ketchup is their “no sugar added” ketchup. In this ketchup, they add an artificial sweetener called sucralose with an * to indicate that sucralose “is not normally found in ketchup.” Hello! Sucralose is an artificial sweetener derived from Sucrose, and the body only breaks down a portion of it. Why would we want to put that in our bodies, thinking it is healthier than sugar?

Let’s not even talk cost but suffice to say, with each label promoting a “healthier” option comes a larger price tag. Any wonder why obesity is out of control in the western world? 

Healing With Volition Be Volitionary Eating WILDFIT

Healing With Volition™

Here we are, present-day, with my quest to become an Independent Certified WILDFIT Coach and my Healing With Volition™ mission to reverse our global diet crisis. 

When a friend found WILDFIT through Mindvalley and asked me to join the challenge, a higher path opened. In May of 2017, we completed our WILDFIT 90 Challenge. In October of the same year, I was diagnosed with cancer.

Many WILDFIT coaches’ stories start with an issue or turn of events that led them to try WILDFIT to fix an ailment or solve a health problem their medical institution failed to solve. When WILDFIT was wildly successful, they became a Certified Independent WILDFIT Coach to share their experience with others. My story is in reverse. 

Purposefully, living WILDFIT helped me get through cancer, chemo, and radiation by understanding the human diet and what the body needs to heal and stay cancer-free. Healing With Volition™ is my mission to help you navigate your health journey, prevent disease, and reverse our global diet crisis.

If you want to learn more about changing your own health, please schedule a discovery call (no selling, no pressure) just a simple conversation) or subscribe to the Healing With Volition™ blog. 

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