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WILDFIT Introduction Video


WILDFIT revolves around a direct focus on creating and sustaining a lifestyle that best suits you and your future. It’s a program designed to not shame you for your choices, but rather educate you to a point where you’ll never lose sight of your health and wellness again, and as a result, develop an entirely new relationship with food.

This is a food methodology that works for people who want to release weight, gain or maintain weight, athletes seeking peak performance, or really, anyone who wants to live longer and with greater vitality. 

Transform Your


With Food


WILDFIT 90 will teach you how to train your brain to stop wanting foods that aren’t good for you, and to start wanting foods that truly nourish and energize you.

By looking back in time and analyzing how the animals before us consumed food, WILDFIT believes the same is true for human beings. 

Every animal on Earth has its own diet; a particular way of eating that makes it possible for that animal to function at its absolute best.



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About WILDFIT 90


WILDFIT 90 is a transformative health program that teaches you how to permanently change how you think about food, and what you eat.  

You’ll walk away having learned:

  • How to work with the 6 Human Hungers so you can interpret cravings correctly (because your body doesn’t actually want an entire pint of ice cream!)
  • How to eat in alignment with the 4 natural food seasons for humans
  • Exactly which foods tell the body to go into Spring (the fat-burning season)
  • Proven mindset & behavioral techniques to make sure that you NEVER feel powerless to food again
  • How to access your intuition (instead of willpower) to guide your food choices, and much more

WILDFIT 90 Program Information


What’s Included

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The WILDFIT 90 Day Experience

Through over a dozen in-depth videos the WILDFIT founder, Eric Edmeades, will walk you through the food mindset and lifestyle changes at the core of the WILDFIT philosophy. Eric’s style is conversational and down-to-earth, so you won’t encounter any confusing science terms. Each video training is straightforward and easy to understand right away.

Be Volitionary WILDFIT 90 Challenge Daily Inspirational Videos

Daily Inspiration Tips

Every day of the program you’ll get a note from WILDFIT inspiring you to stay on track with your journey. You will feel like the WILDFIT community is right beside you all the time.

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One of the single most effective success-accelerators is coaching! With a Certified WILDFIT Coach, you will increase your chances for success with live coaching check-in calls  Your coach will be your accountability partner and optimize your overall WILDFIT experience.

Be Volitionary WILDFIT 90 Living WILDFIT ebook

Living WILDFIT ebook

This eBook will help you integrate everything you learn in WILDFIT 90 so that after the 90-day program is complete, you’ll have a clear roadmap to keep living the WILDFIT way. In the Volitionary spirit of doing things for yourself and not by yourself, after your WILDFIT 90 with Wendy, you can always opt to continue coaching support as you navigate your Living WILDFIT program. 

Be Volitionary WILDFIT Live Q and A

Private Facebook Group

Engage with your coach and peers in your private Facebook group. Your Facebook group will be one place where you can find course materials, weekly insights, and live impromptu calls with your coach. 

Be Volitionary WILDFIT Success

Online Journal & Success Tracking

These handy tools will help you see where you started and the progress you make along your journey. Staying accountable is one of the tricks of seeing program success.

WILDFIT 90 Memberships

Do it for yourself not by yourself™

With Wendy, You Don’t Have To Navigate This Journey Alone


How many times have you started a diet plan, only to fall off track 2 days later and never attempt to get back on again? Of course, you have! You were likely lacking the direction and the knowledge to help you understand exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

A Higher Path Unfolds From Living WILDFIT

I started WILDFIT because of my passion for health and fitness. Living WILDFIT helped me navigate my journey with metastatic breast cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation with as much energy and vibrance as possible. As a result, I became a Certified WILDFIT Coach to help others navigate their journey, prevent disease, and live a healthy life.

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What have you got to lose?

So many of our clients said when they started WILDFIT it felt like a last-ditch effort to make a change in their life. So here is our question for you. What do you have to lose? With the guarantee we offer, why not give WILDFIT a try and see if you are the next success story.

Our Money Back Guarantee

It’s no accident that the WILDFIT client stick rate is over 90%. This program has been meticulously created and updated over several years of working with thousands of clients. We firmly believe that the WILDFIT 90 Challenge will help you meet (and exceed!) your health goals. However, if you complete 80% of the program and are not happy with your results, we’ll be glad to offer you a full refund.

Here’s a snapshot of your WILDFIT 90 Experience

Anyone can create short-term changes in their eating habits. That’s not what WILDFIT 90 does. This is a system for sustainable health and lifestyle transformation. Here’s an overview of what the 13-week process looks like:

Week 1: Foundations and Emotional Eating

We start at the beginning: shifting your food mindset and eating behaviors. Week one teaches you why you crave certain foods and hate others. If you’re an emotional eater, yo-yo dieter, or sugarholic you’ll gain huge insights here.

Week 2 - 3: Sugar Transition Part I

These two weeks are about releasing your dependency on processed sugars. If you’ve been helpless to your sweet tooth, weeks two and three will have those cravings fading fast.

Week 4 - 5: Learning to LOVE The Good Stuff

During these two weeks, you’ll train your body to love eating only whole, unprocessed foods. WILDFIT is not about shocking your system, which is why every enhancement is gently layered on top of the other. This means you’ll be prepared and ready for each change. This is also when most participants notice that their mood and energy are so significantly improved that they don’t need to rely on caffeine or alcohol like they once did.

Week 6 - 10: Spring

Based on the WILDFIT philosophy of seasons, Spring is when most participants notice their body weight stabilizing. Whether your goal is to gain, release, or maintain your weight, these weeks will guide you to your natural equilibrium.

Week 11: Ease Out of Spring

The WILDFIT methodology is so revolutionary partly because it doesn’t ask you to limit your body to only one way of eating. Our bodies want ebb and flow. This week, you’ll ease out of Deep Spring before…

Week 12: Back Into Spring

This week, you’ll transition back into Deep Spring, where your body will be prompted to cleanse and repeat the weight-stabilizing process again.

Week 13: Living WILDFIT

This week, you’ll take the reins 100%. You’ll decide which season you want to move forward with, and how to continue making food decisions that are empowering and never restrictive.

Our next WILDFIT™ Challenge starts October 26, 2021

Want To Get Started Right Away?

The group WILDFIT Challenge is a fantastic experience with lots of support, accountability, and comradery but we do understand the group challenge may not fit your timeline or learning preference. Therefore, you can get started right away with our Premium or Private programs.

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