Power of Volition An Inspirational Journey From a Breast Cancer Survivor

When I first learned that my biopsy returned a metastatic cancer diagnosis I was at an airport in Texas heading home to Arizona. Just like we all remember where we were when we heard about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center or where we were when the space shuttle blew up in 1986, I remember exactly where I was when I learned that I had cancer. I also remember very vividly the events immediately following that life-changing phone call from my primary care physician.

Side note and apology for the gentleman sitting in seat 5E (middle seat) in my row on that particular flight home. I was balling my eyes out. Snot literally pouring out of my nose. Seriously, I was using every airplane napkin I could get my hands on and could not stop crying… I kept thinking “I have cancer…what was my life going to be like now”!

As it turns out, the gentleman sitting in the aisle seat of my row was sick; genuinely sick with a respiratory something or other. Back to the gentleman in 5E…I was at the window crying my eyes out and the gentleman in the aisle seat was blowing his nose, clearing his throat, and really just trying to deal with a cold or infection while flying.

You have cancer…three words none of us want to acknowledge or believe when we hear them but unfortunately, some of us have to deal with that reality; sometimes it just is what it is, and that “is” sucks!

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Be Volitionary Healing with Volition Metastatic Breast Cancer Journey
Cancer: Power of Volition

Healing With Volition™

Focusing on the guy in 5E, I noticed he was really agitated with both of us on either side dealing with potential infectious symptoms and I thought he was ready to completely “stage a nutty” and actually try to get off the plane before we landed in Arizona. I was just not willing to let that happen. I wanted to be home so I could cry and be miserable in my own self-pity, in my own bed, and just forget the world because I had cancer. 

In an effort to calm 5E down, I leaned over and whispered in his ear “I have no idea what that guy next to you has but I can guarantee you that you will not catch breast cancer from me”.  5E settled down a little after that announcement and didn’t look at me or the sick guy on the aisle for the rest of the flight. With that potential crisis diverted, I had time to close my eyes and catch a few minutes of peace before I landed and had to deal with sharing the cancer diagnosis with family and friends.

Let me just add that I went through a double mastectomy direct to implants (which I then had removed because the series of the product I had was identified as known to cause a rare form of Lymphatic cancer). Hello! Yes, the implants I had inserted to replace my own breasts due to cancer were one product type away from its close relative confirmed to cause cancer. If you want to talk irony…I am happy to do so. This was an unbelievable revelation that I address in a separate blog post.

Yes…cancer. This is my journey and how I applied holistic principles, a positive attitude, and the power of volition to survive. My hope is I can help others navigate their cancer, chemo, and radiation journey. 


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