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Have you experienced being ghosted by job interviews lately? 


Do you find yourself talking too much during an interview?


Have video interviews created confusion on how to show up? 


Do you want to decrease your frustration and increase your interview effectiveness?


 Interview preparation training: Do It For Yourself Not By Yourself


So, Why Am I Sharing This Right Now?


The art of the interview is transforming before our eyes.


What equates to successful interviewing is understanding HOW companies are trained to interview PLUS modern job-seeker interview preparation strategies.

Most recruiters follow the post and pray model.

Smart recruiters are on LinkedIn seeking talent for open positions. 

Great recruiters are seeking talent whether they have a position open or not!

Now more than ever your Interview preparation strategy is an essential professional tool. 

Ideal Interview empowers you to increase the effectiveness of every interview and provides five hours of coaching in one course.


 Start building your interview confidence and start releasing your job-seeking frustration today. 


So What’s In It For You?



Get a 360 degree view of the interview process.


Access to our Facebook Group where you work with one of our coaches live once a month!


Live Q&A to ask direct questions about setting up your profile!


Access to recorded live Q&A sessions!

Here Is What You Will Learn With

 Ideal Interview 


Learn how to approach your job search more effectively in 2020

Understand your Why so you can plan for what is next

Lift the veil of recruitment and know your audience

Up-level your interview preparation and use effective strategies from 30 + years of our coaches recruiting experience


 And did I mention that you will get a guide of behavioral interview questions?  


This training  is comprehensive…  Yes!

No fillers only useable content…Yes!

Proven formula for interview preparation… Absolutely!

What’s Inside

Ideal Interview job seeking tips behavioral interviewing guide-4

Behavioral Interview Question Guide

Be Volitionary Ideal Interview job seeking tips video interview checklist-2

Video Interview Checklist

Resume Detox Training Videos

Training Videos

LinkedIn Pocket Profile Checklist

Live Facebook Q&A

Optimize Your Interview Skills Today!

Questions? We are here to help

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