Preparation is The Key to Successful Job Interviewing

Got an Interview? Congratulations! Job interviewing, much like everything else in the world is going through a transformation both on the side of the interviewer and the interviewee.  With over 100’s of applicants per job, if you choose to search this way, and you got the interview, preparation is key to your success.  The one constant factor for interviewing in 2020 and beyond is the research function. For every job you apply for, keep a spreadsheet or CRM to keep track of role and company. Research the C-Suite leaders, HR leaders, and Talent Acquisition leader.  Understanding your audience is foundational to a solid interview experience.

Start to transform your work from home space into an office space so that you will be able to conduct video interviews seamlessly and practice in front of your webcam or camera. Your body language, just as if you were heading into an office space to meet face-to-face, matters.

Know your resume.  Make sure that for each area of expertise, you denote a specific example of what you did and the results; coupled with what you learned from the experience. Don’t leave your audience guessing, and don’t expect the recruiter to probe deeply. Many times, once they ask the question, how you respond is what they share with the hiring manager. Ask the interviewer if you gave them enough detail in your response.  Recap what you shared to make sure you were heard.

 Here are some additional tips to help empower you for your interview. 

Steps For A Successful Interview

Read | Research | Repeat
  1. Read first the job description and highlight the verbs and adjectives that may describe the perfect candidate and the job responsibilities, skills needed, education, everything about that role.
  2. Research the organization and the people on LinkedIn who are doing the job you want to do. Don’t skip this step!
  3. Understand the vision, mission, values, and programs they offer
  4. Back to Research: Research people on LinkedIn who do the job you want within that company and find out more about the role, who they are looking for, learn more about the company and industry, etc.
  5. Connect with those that can help. Grow your network.

Still NOT getting calls back after an interview?

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