Be Volitionary SubtractThat Online Healthy Eating Program

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Did you know the average cost of top weight loss programs is $380 dollars a month? 


Did you know that it is the food you eat that determines 85-90% of your body shape and not exercise¹?


SubtractThat focuses on five simple concepts that do not require purchasing special food, supplements, or following strict weight loss protocols.  


Start your SubtractThat journey to good health with our Certified Wellness Coach and do something FOR yourself, not BY yourself


Be Volitionary SubtractThat Online Healthy Eating Program

Start your journey to releasing weight and improving your health!

So, Why Am I Sharing This Right Now?


I am sharing this because now more than ever, we need to focus on our own health and wellness…


We need to focus our time and money on science-based research that tells us exactly what we should be eating and why.


Diet is not the 4-letter word we treat it as. Diet is “food we drink regularly provided or consumed” Merriam-Webster. Animals have specific diets and so do humans.


There is too much noise and frustration around short term weight loss programs that do not support long term weight maintenance.

We need a permanent change in our lifestyle that supports healthy eating and weight management


SubtractThat takes you on a five-day journey to start achieving permanent results that can last a lifetime. 

SubtractThat  breaks down ancestral diet concepts into small achievable steps!


Changes to your diet will have a greater impact on your health and body composition than exercise. 

Stopping spending hundreds of dollars on packaged “weight loss” foods. 

Change to a lifestyle that supports healthy eating and weight management.


Get Started Today!

So What’s In It For You?



Ditch the regimented weight loss programs and build a program to support your own lifestyle!


Access to your private portal where you work with one of our coaches live once a month!


Here Is What You Will Learn With



Which foods are bodies were designed to eat 

When to eat for maximum weight loss and weight management

Understand why many weight loss programs do not work  

Apply proven steps to healthy eating and stop wondering which weight-loss program is best for you


 And did I mention that you can improve your  health in five days?


This training  is quick…  Yes!

No fillers only useable content…Yes!

Proven formula for weight loss and maintenance… Absolutely!

What’s Inside

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¹ Eric Edmeades WILDFIT through MindValley

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