Take Control Of Your Health

Now more than ever, we need to focus on our health and wellness. Since the food industry only focuses on its profits, we have to focus on our health!

  • Did you end up with the Covid-20lbs? (or more)
  • Do you have health issues? 
  • Do you want to be more active? 
  • Do you want more energy? 
  • Have you bounced around from one diet to the next? 

Did you know the average cost of top weight loss programs is $380 a month?


There is too much noise around weight loss programs designed to help you lose weight for a short period to gain it back again because the program is not sustainable for long-term weight maintenance. Diet is not the 4-letter word we treat it as. Diet is simply the “food we drink regularly provided or consumed” Merriam-Webster. Animals have specific diets and so do humans. How much better would your life be if you knew which foods your body actually needs?

SubtractThat is an online course with videos and guides to help you get started on your journey to good health for less than $10 dollars. Take control of your health and start living your best life. 

Course Introduction:

SubtractThat provides a quick look into a healthier way of eating with simple concepts outlined in daily lessons. This 5-day course will present one concept and task per day to help shift the way you think about food and apply nutritional and emotional guidelines to your diet.

This course will help you understand why commercialized diet programs are not successful or sustainable long-term. Did you even realize that our food industry is intentionally making us fat to add more profit to their bottom line?

As a result of the food industry’s investment in making sure they are profitable at the risk of our health, companies have taken a simple concept of the human diet and unnecessarily commercialized it into programs with pre-packaged foods and regimens and protocols to follow. By doing this, they are essentially teaching us to be successful only if we follow that program instead of teaching us to think about food in terms of what is nutritious and required for our bodies to operate in optimal health.

Join me on a journey of the human diet and learn what you can do to change what you eat so you can live your best life.

Wendy Harmon, PhD, MCWC
Volitionaries Wellness Coach
Independent WILDFIT Certified Coach

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