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We are offering the Job Seeking Toolkit as a one-stop-shop for everything you need to prepare for a new job or career in one box due to popular demand. Yes, one box.

We don’t think we need it until we get so frustrated we wish we did it months before

That is what 90% of our clients tell us after putting off updating their resume, repurposing their personal brand, or brushing up on the latest interview techniques  

2020 has brought so many to their knees…..hoping or praying for something new to happen

Let us help you prepare for the new and fresh things 2021 will bring

Get lifetime access to all three products and up-level your 2021 career!

What You Get:

Resume Detox by Laureen Kautt, BCC Be Volitionary

Resume Detox Course

Detox your resume from top to bottom using effective strategies from 30 + years of experience in successful resume writing and create your resume is less than 2 hours!

With Resume Detox, you build your resume for yourself and not by yourself!

What’s Inside:

  1. Keyword reference guide
  2. Three sample resumes
  3. Three training videos with step-by-step instructions
  4. Bonus video
Be Volitionary Pocket Profile LinkedIn Profile Builder

Pocket Profile Course

Pocket Profile builds your LinkedIn profile from top to bottom through the lens of a Master LinkedIn user, Business Owner, and Talent Acquisition Executive.

Most recruiters follow the post and pray model. Smart recruiters are on LinkedIn seeking talent for open positions.  Great recruiters are seeking talent whether they have a position open or not!

What’s Inside:

  1. Real profile example
  2. Profile Checklist
  3. Training Videos
  4. Live Facebook Q&A
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Ideal Interview Course

Ideal Interview empowers you to increase the effectiveness of every interview and provides five hours of coaching in one course.

Start building your interview confidence and start releasing your job-seeking frustration today.

What’s Inside:

  1. Behavioral Interview Question Guide
  2. Video Interview Checklist
  3. Training Videos
  4. Live Facebook Q&A

Get Your Job Seeking Toolkit Today!

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