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About WILDFIT 90


WILDFIT 90 is a transformative health program that teaches you how to permanently change how you think about food, and what you eat.  

You’ll walk away having learned:

  • How to work with the 6 Human Hungers so you can interpret cravings correctly (because your body doesn’t actually want an entire pint of ice cream!)
  • How to eat in alignment with the 4 natural food seasons for humans
  • Exactly which foods tell the body to go into Spring (the fat-burning season)
  • Proven mindset & behavioral techniques to make sure that you NEVER feel powerless to food again
  • How to access your intuition (instead of willpower) to guide your food choices, and much more
  • Try WILDFIT 14 Day Reset and get a sneak peek at why this program is so successful

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What’s Included

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The WILDFIT 14 Day Reset Experience

The WildFit Video Training Program with daily emails and 10 video courses led by founder Eric Edmeades to shift how you look at food and nutrition for good!

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Weekly LIVE Coaching

Three times each week, you’ll join a Facebook Live real-time video coaching session where you’ll receive direct support, encouragement, and feedback from Wendy Harmon, Ph.D., Master Certified Wellness Coach and Certified WILDFIT Coach. 

Be Volitionary WILDFIT Live Q and A

Private Facebook Group

Engage with your coach and peers so you stay connected and supported every step of the way. 

Be Volitionary WILDFIT 90 Challenge Daily Inspirational Videos

Daily Inspiration Tips

Every day of the program you’ll get inspiring notes to stay on track with your journey. You will feel like the WILDFIT community is right beside you all the time.

Be Volitionary WILDFIT 14 Day Reset Opportunity

Continue Your Journey

After the first 14 days of the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge, continue your journey with our Premium, Privilege or Private WILDFIT membership programs.

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