I’m publishing a book entitled, The Death of Retirement, How to Design a Life You’ll Never Want to Leave. The book is in its final stages of being published so it will be out soon.

In writing the book I came across a book written by Ronnie Ware, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing, and included some of her information in my book as it pertained to living a life you would not want to leave. In this blog, I want to highlight those regrets in the order of the top one down. You might be surprised at the findings. 

#1 Regret – Not living life true to yourself

1. The number-one regret people seem to have when they reach the end of their life is that they did not live a life true to themselves, but rather one that other people expected of them. Does this hit home for you? That really gives definition to my book. Don’t wait too late to do what makes your heart sing.  

#2 Regret – Working too hard

2. The second regret most people voiced was of working too hard. This can piggyback off the first regret of living someone else’s life and not being true to themselves. I have found that if you are truly following your dream, you don’t feel what you are doing is work. You are so filled with the joy of doing what you were born to do you are filled with a lightness others cannot understand. 

#3 Regret – No courage to express your feelings

3.  Most people facing their final days expressed regret in not having had the courage to express their feelings. Whether those feelings were in how they felt about someone close to them or standing up for an injustice they held strong beliefs about. Many misunderstandings resulted from not having effectively communicated their feelings. 

#4 Regret – Not staying in touch with old friends

4.  The fourth regret was in not having stayed in touch with old friends. Many of us get so busy with life that we forget the people that helped us get there. When we are younger it is much easier to make friends and as we get older it is much harder to keep them. 

#5 Regret – Not being happier

5.   The final regret expressed by the individuals Ms. Ware discusses in her book was that of not having let themselves be happier. This of course is a very personal discovery that each of us has to travel. What might mean happiness to one person may look completely different for another.  

When you look at each of these regrets there is a common theme. The thing that all of these regrets have in common is the lack of personal courage required to live a life that is authentic and real for each of us. The one commodity that each of us has is time. No more and no less than any other person. What you do with that time separates you from living a life true to yourself or a life of regrets. 

Until next time, Live Life From The Inside Out!

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