Why is Diet a 4-letter Word? Reversing Our Diet Crisis

What is a diet crisis? We often refer to many “bad” words as 4-letter words…I won’t name them here. However, the term “diet,” literally a 4-letter word, carries the same negative connotation. Why do we fear diets, hate diets, preach that diets do not work, and pay a lot of money to “be on a diet” when the definition of diet by Merriam-Webster is simply the “food and drink regularly provided or consumed?” 

Humans have a diet or specific way of absorbing particular nutrients from the food and drink we consume. Please think of the human diet and the nutrients it needs to run like the fuel you put in your car. When you give your car engine the proper fuel, it will run. When you don’t give it proper fuel, it won’t run. The point here is that humans require certain nutrients to run, and when we do not have the right nutrients in our diet, our bodies can stop running or not run as expected.

Eating Like Our Ancestors

Eating like our ancestors is not a new concept, and some coin this way of eating as the Ancestral Diet or Ancestral Health, Primal Diet or even the Paleo Diet. The idea is back before we had microwaves, food factories, and TV dinners; our ancestors gathered food and hunted animals. This particular way of life means our ancestors also had seasons when certain fruits and vegetables were available or not available, droughts, and times when hunting trips rendered zero kills, animal meat, or animal protein was not available. All of this means that our bodies can go without animal protein for days or weeks, fast when nothing is available, and only eat certain fruits and vegetables when they were in season.

Today, however, we live in a world where we can get any fruit all year long, there is never a shortage of animal protein, and food is always available to gather. All of this is anti-ancestral!

Learn How To Eat Like A Human Again

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