Working From Home—The New Normal

This is the new normal. Working remote either full time or for periods of time will now set the stage for the workplace of the future.  Shared office space will no longer be in the big city, but your living room, den, or kitchen. Are you prepared?

At the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we weren’t prepared as it hit us head-on like a dart and a bullseye.  All we heard was go home and either wait or set up shop in your house. So many people were not prepared.  But now we are.  

Be Volitionary Work From Home Strategies
Working from home: Set Up For Success

Here are my top work from home tips that will set you up for success

Set Boundaries! Now more than ever you need to draw the line in the sand between working from home and life. My corporate company did a study on working hours since the work from the home mandate and found that 75% of our employees are working longer hours than prior to the pandemic. We are accustomed to at least have a break with our commutes. Now our commute consists of from the bed, to the kitchen, to the work area.

What can we do?  I encourage my clients to stand up and walk outside every 2 hours.  This is not only good for your psyche but your Vitamin D levels and eyesight as well.  Create balance and boundaries by coordinating with your partner, children, and/or friends. Block time in your schedule for a peaceful stroll or an hour of peace in your garden with a good book.

Create a To-Do list. When working from home you must start planning your day.  This is true whether you work from home or not. Place your top priorities first and work from there.  What you do not get to today, goes to the top of your list for tomorrow. Make sure you set pockets of time for the above.  Schedule them in.

The biggest challenge? Stick to your schedule. I wake up at 5:00 am every day, even on the weekends. At 5:00 pm, I start my day off with gratitude journaling and brief quiet time.  I then start with my two personal businesses and do what needs to be done until about 7:00 am. Then, I have a protein shake and log into my corporate job. I keep one list for all things.  My calendar includes my work, businesses, and family; one calendar, separate lists

Rally up a routine. Having a routine sets the foundation for a successful day.  Make a schedule and log all things in there.  If you do not block out the time, then it does not exist. Be consistent. Take a shower. Self-care is so important!

Connect With Your Team and Leader  You don’t want to be overbearing but check in more than not since you are not able to see each other in the office. Try out your video capabilities and just connect. Update your leader on whats happening. Keep a journal of your successes and opportunities. Provide a touch base in the am and a debrief in the evening.

We can be tempted to work from before the sun rises to after it sets. Allow yourself “me” time at the end of the day by logging off. 


Set boundaries!

75% of our employees are working longer hours than prior to the pandemic. That is staggering. 


Create a To-Do list

You must start planning your day. Place your top priorities first and work from there. 


Rally up a routine

Having a routine sets the foundation for a successful day.


Set up your space

Find your space and design it to make it enjoyable for you.


Start with Movement

Get up and start your day with movement. This could include anything from cross fit to a stretching class.


Gratitude is a must

Gratitude is a must whether you work remotely or not. Spend a few moments calling out all those things that you are grateful for. It is amazing how this jump-starts your day better than caffeine.


Shower and dress

Shower and dress. Now I am writing this in jeggings and a tank top, but behind me is a blazer in case I have to jump on a video call. (PS, I showered and did my hair)


Time Management

Carve out your day with productive time and time to get up and go outside. Time management is key. Carve out your calendar.


Get Help

If you are working from home and need help with goals, productivity and general wellness we are here to help.  

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